The Tinman is now Damian Vick

Focusing on Damian Vick's Creations

Damian Vick Loves Metal. So much so that he’s been working with it artistically for more than ten years.

In 2008 "The Tinman - Damian Vick" was launched as a vehicle to design and build metal sculptures, features, as well as custom screens, balustrades and installations, combining his design skills with his passion for metal, engineering and craftsmanship.

The increased demand for his large scale sculptural work and installations, public and commercial, means that The Tinman is no longer accurately presenting Damian's value as a leading award-winning sculptural and metal artist from Melbourne.

Transitioning to his own name Damian Vick is a natural progression reflecting the quality and esteem for his work. now re-directs to

Wolf Nitch is a German-French fine-art documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His vision is based on his professional experience in media and design and influenced via his third-culture upbringing. His exploration of the mediascape via architecture and human appropriation is a reoccurring theme throughout his work.