The Cloud

Increased density often calls for additional height calling for privacy that call for drab looking privacy screens. The Cloud offers a "decor" which helps to convert milky screens into an ingenious lightbox.

The screen is inspired by the cumulus cloud which is has a flat base but is often described as "puffy" or "cotton-like". The see-through patterns allow for daylight to penetrate the space. From below, the screen appears as an illuminated abstract pattern, however, viewed from further away they appear as clouds which disguise the privacy screen behind it.


Finish: Powder coat
Material: 3mm aluminium on galvanised steel frame
Pictured size: 3000 mm wide x 1800 mm tall x 50 mm deep

Made to order

The screen is available as custom order in a range of powder coated colours or specialty finishes and can be adjusted in size to suit the destined environment. Cost will vary depending on size, finish, complexity of required changes. Custom orders & sizes can be ordered by contacting us below. Price on enquiry. Please drop us a note below for more information.