The Visionary: a sculpture that speaks a 1000 words

Every school has its own story – one that tells of its history, its culture and its reason for being. The foundation for today’s vibrant learning environment began in 1966 when the school opened with 135 boys under founding Principal, Mr John Pascoe. Back then the Ringwood and Croydon areas were just opening up. These were post-war boom times as new housing developed across a landscape of what until then had been traditional farms.

There is a great photograph which was taken on the very first day the founders came to the site… [which] captures the founders looking out from this very spot towards the hills… This is highly appropriate to have our sculpture looking … up to the hills for inspiration…” Dr Mark Merry, Principal, Yarra Valley Grammar

Yarra’s commitment is to remain a leader in education in Melbourne’s east. In 2016 Yarra Valley Grammar proudly celebrated 50 years of success in all aspects of school life. To mark this occasion “The Visionary” was unveiled at the entrance of the school capturing the essence of Yarra Valley Grammar. Watch the video to learn more on “The Visionary” via Dr Merry and Damian Vick.

Wolf Nitch is a German-French fine-art documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His vision is based on his professional experience in media and design and influenced via his third-culture upbringing. His exploration of the mediascape via architecture and human appropriation is a reoccurring theme throughout his work.