Build & installation timelapse: Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Build & installation timelapse: Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Located near a public sports facility the art work aims at engaging the visitor to push themselves to their personal best. The pursuit of excellence as a community and breaking mental barriers that holds us back were common themes in the brief. The City of Casey further elaborates on their website, the aims and aspirations of the sculpture and how well it was received by the community.

While the sculpture is completed, the finish will continue to oxidize for a few months before it reaches its final rusted state in September 2019.

Watch the video below with interviews and a time-lapse of the total build.

Location: Quist Parade, Cranbourne West, Melbourne, Australia
Finish: Rust & raw
Material: Coreten steel & aluminium
Size: 2m (wide) x 7m (height) x 14m (total length)

Wolf Nitch is a German-French fine-art documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His vision is based on his professional experience in media and design and influenced via his third-culture upbringing. His exploration of the mediascape via architecture and human appropriation is a reoccurring theme throughout his work.